At Marcellin College Randwick our state of the art facilities are enjoyed by all students.

Marcellin College Randwick Devlin Centre

The Devlin Centre

This centre serves a contemporary learning centre encompassing an extensive library, seminar rooms and learning spaces.

Marcellin College Randwick Marist Centre

The Marist Centre

Incorporating a large hall with a drama stage, gymnasium, two indoor basketball courts. It holds over 1000 people and is used for school Masses and college assemblies.

Marcellin College Randwick Greenstead Hall

Greenstead Hall

Our hall is used for exams, a study hall and as a collaborative learning space for staff and students. It is also the venue for parent events such as Parents in Touch evenings, Mother’s and Father’s Day Masses and staff development days

Marcellin College Randwick Kitchens

La Valla Centre kitchens

State of the art commercial kitchens with combi oven and commercial facilities for VET Hospitality Commercial Cookery students to master their craft. Adjoining this a domestic kitchen suitable for Years 7 to 11 students in Design and Technology and Food Technology

Marcellin College Randwick Science Laboratories


Our fully equipped science laboratories allow students to conduct experiments that help encourage a deep understanding of science.

Marcellin College Randwick Tas workshops


Three fully equipped timber worked shops to cater for Design and Technology, Industrial Technology and Construction classes for Years 7 to 12. Specialized rooms to accommodate laser cutting and 3 D printing. STEM, Graphics and IST are delivered in multipurpose rooms adjoining the workshops.

Marcellin College Randwick Music Rooms

Music and the Rod Zeitsch Music Tuition Rooms. 

With nine specialist music rooms, students have the opportunity to have private lessons in piano, guitar, drums as well as vocal ensembles.  These soundproofed rooms are also used for music practice.

Marcellin College Randwick Gyms


We have two fully equipped gymnasiums onsite that are available for use during school hours. Equipment includes free weights, Smith machine, power rack, squat rack, treadmills, cross trainers, cycling machines and rowers. The equipment is all new and well maintained.

Marcellin College Randwick Sport Fields


The Marcellin Fields located at Maroubra are used for PDHPE lessons and for MCC training and sport. Our College buses transport students to and from the fields.